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When a Building or Environment May be Making People Ill

It could be any home, office, school, church, health care facility, store or even an automobile

People can become sick from many different home, workplace and public exposures. We have added thousands of untested chemicals into our environment. We have made homes, schools, workplaces, and other structures air tight. We have chemicals, medicines and vaccines injected and inhale a wide range of chemicals that were not invented a generation ago. We are a premiere Pittsburgh Mold Testing company. Click here for an article on:  Is Your House Making You Sick ?

The most confusing thing to many people is understanding how one member of a family may be sensitive and others not.

Some children react to trace amounts of peanuts, to the point of anaphylactic shock and possible death, yet most children have peanut butter and jelly as a favorite meal. So, it is with the thousands of molds, chemical, and contaminant exposures in regular life.

For many people, mold is one the first health exposures that comes to mind. Asthma and other respiratory illnesses have increased dramatically over the last decades. Insulation, better windows, improved caulking, and high efficiency heating equipment have greatly reduced air exchanges in the home. Finished basements and interior water drainage systems have added to the mold risk in a home. Imagine a sponge that is wet most of the time. It will very quickly grow mold. In many homes, carpet pad, carpet, furniture, drywall and many other items in a basement are wet just like a wet sponge. Mold testing will identify the types of mold in a home and an assessment is the next step that may be performed to determine causes and suggest solutions for mold. We serve Pittsburgh and Western PA performing mold inspections.


Sick Building Syndrome is devastating to an individual, their loved ones, employers and the general community. We believe that as our mission, we must make every effort to give each person we can reach a chance for the healthiest, fullest and most productive life they can achieve.


Envirospect’s mission is to identify problems and inform the general public, building designers, manufacturers and health professionals about environmental exposures and their potential health consequences. What sets Envirospect apart is that we are problem solvers. We are here to not just identify problems, we are here to develop solutions.

Envirospect is not a remediation firm. We do not have that conflict of interest. You can trust the integrity of our staff and services.

We envision a time when information about environmental risks, their potential health effects, the process of identifying sources, and solutions to protect people from the health problems is readily available to everyone affected by Sick Building Syndrome.


Imagine……..better health and all of the things good health brings for those that you care most about. This mission is within our grasp when existing environmental issues are identified and corrected.


            We are grateful for the expertise gathered and shared on this site from our staff and many other experts in the industry. We welcome contributions from other experts in the testing, assessment and medical fields. Challenges such as helping environmental testing professionals, consumers, patients and medical practitioners to communicate in a common language are examples of problems we are addressing in this site. 


We need to work hand in hand to accomplish the goal of a healthy indoor environment for all. Please share the information you find here.


On behalf of our staff, the professionals we work with and contributors to this site, we wish you and yours good health. 




Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) can make the simplest chores in life a struggle. We have discovered some very unusual source of exposure. One example was an improperly cured manufactured hardwood floor “off gassed” the chemical Acetonitrile into a home. The chemical was adding to one family member's serious health issues. We have discovered pesticides in homes with severe heath issues. The source may be farming prior to a housing development, or “zealous” pest treatment No matter the cause, we have testing such as TO-15 tests to identify chemicals that can rob residents of their heath.
For more information on MCS: What is MCS?

Allergens can create additional health problems of many types. ERMI or ARMI testing can get to the source of those contaminations. These are often plant or animal related.

is a common and potentially toxic exposure in a home. This chemical can come from carpet, cabinets, composite wood products like plywood and many other common products found in homes and workplaces. We have used Dragger Tube Testing to identify high levels of that toxin in homes.

Carbon Monoxide and even the Carbon
Dioxide can be health risks. Improperly functioning fossil fueled equipment can be the source of Carbon Monoxide exposures. Carbon Dioxide in high doses such as in workplaces and schools can make occupants tired and result in illness or injury as the CO2 blocks oxygen from the blood. Improperly installed heating systems can pull carbon monoxide from one gas appliance into the interior air of a building. We have continuous CO testing equipment to identify these intermittent hazards.

is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. We utilize the finest of Continuous Radon Monitor testing equipment.  Click here for  Tribune Radon Article by Dan Howard   on the source and correction for radon.  

We have equipment to
test for bacterial contaminations in areas such as hospitals, food service and other high risk areas that clean procedures are critical to maintaining heath.





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We work with your Medical Professionals including your Functional Medicine Provider

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