What to Expect at your Appointment with EnviroSpect of Western PA

Thank you for choosing EnviroSpect to work with you on your Indoor Environmental Concerns.

We  offer various levels of service and testing to best meet your needs, goals and budget. 

For those clients just requiring the professional test results: We use the best practices and labs available for dependable and prompt results. We know you will be making important decisions based upon the results and do not compromise quality in any manner.  

For those needing to have complete environmental services including sourcing and assessment: We take pride in providing you with peace of mind by identifying the source of the issue causing you concern, explaining the process, answering your questions, documenting the situation, and presenting assessment and recommendations in terms which are easy to understand.

The first step to a successful assessment is to be open and upfront about your concerns and providing answers to our questions to the best of your ability.

·          The interview: This is a fairly short process but provides us with invaluable information to help us determine the direction we need to take to determine the cause of your concerns.  You will usually learn how to improve your environment during that process.

·          The Assessment: A thorough inspection of the property will occur unless you have asked us to provide testing services only. Performing this assessment helps us to get a better understanding of any issues which are impacting your indoor environment. During this assessment we may need to access the attic, crawlspace or basement. Pictures may be taken to document any concerns we identify.

·          Testing: If testing is expected to be performed please close all doors and windows a for a period of a minimum of 24 hours before of the appointment. The method of sampling used will vary depending on the reason for testing.

·          The Report: Once the assessment has been completed and testing results have been received you will have a written report emailed to you within 24 hours of our receiving the results.

·          Payment: Payment is due at the time of service (cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Report and results will not be until payment is received.

It is always our goal to determine the source of environmental issues and provide you with solutions and recommendations during the first visit. We suggest the most economical testing appropriate at the first appointment.  There are times where additional testing may be necessary. The process is not much different from the approach your medical provider will tend to take. Rule “in” or “out” the obvious conditions, narrow the search and follow with any needed additional testing. 

As always, we are here to be your advocate and to support you through this process. If you have any questions before your appointment we will gladly assist you. To avoid our $75.00 cancellation fee, we do ask you to call at a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled time if you need to cancel the appointment.

Dan Howard

Dan Howard

Master Indoor Environmental Specialist (MIES)

Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor (CMIA)

Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician (CIAQT)

Certified Environmental Site Assessor (CESA)