Envirospect Educational Videos 

Mold Living  Behind Walls  (Black Mold living behind walls. Mold was not visible in this Pittsburgh home, but there was toxic mold behind the walls)



Reading Your Envirospect Report  (Reading Mold Reports by www.EnviroSpect.info Understanding "overloaded" spore traps, as well as air and swab mold test results.)



What Happens at a Mold Inspection   (What at a Mold Inspection, Black Mold Air Testing, Mold inspections and reports)



Organ Transplant Patients Have a Deadly Risk From Mold at Home  Testing for Mold can be Critical for the Health of Transplant Patients)



Mold Growing in an Air Conditioner  (Dirt in an air conditioner, furnace & blower is a source for mold)



This Common Furnace Installation Mistake Puts Carbon Monoxide into the Air Your Breath (This furnace has a defect that could be in your home. You need to know the mistake that pulls carbon monoxide from other gas appliances back into the building.)



How an Air to Air Exchanger Works  (How an Air to Air Exchanger Brings Fresh Air into Homes)



A Mold Inspection When Buying your Home can Save you Money (One year after buying a new home, this couple has mold all over again. Learn the right steps to protect your home investment and environmental health)



Mold Living Behind Walls   (SHSN copy)



How We Test for Mold (Mold testing procedures and equipment. What to expect when Envirospect tests your home, school or business for mold)   11,000 views