Solution For Property Owners With Methane in  Well Water

Methane Removal Through Aeration as propose by

Penn State Unitriversity

Aeration, or air stripping, can also eliminate methane in well water. These units remove methane and other volatile organic chemicals and gases such as hydrogen sulfide and radon.

These devices range from simple systems, with spray aerators enclosed in a tank, to packed tower aerators, which collect and release the accumulated gas. These units are expensive, but they may be useful when vents are unable to sufficiently reduce the methane concentration or other gases are present in the water.

Installing aeration devices usually costs from $1,500 to $3,000 and requires some routine maintenance. If possible, aeration units should be placed in a separate building where the methane is vented from the water before entering your home. In some cases, this is done by pumping the well into a buried cistern or storage tank that can be vented or aerated outside the home. Installing aeration devices in your basement, with a vent leading outside, is a  less desirable method.