Top Reasons That
We Are The Environmental Professional Firm For You!

Our founder and president has over 35 years of experience in the testing and inspection business. Dan has trained others in the profession and demands respectful and quality performance.

We understand the construction and building science issues that allow us to identify the sources and the solutions to environmental hazards.

We do testing and assessment, but not remediation. You do not need to have concerns that we "find" things to fix in order to profit from the "discovery. We avoid conflicts of interest.  

We are much more than a "mold testing firm" Though mold is common, recognizing the full range of issues in buildings can lead to better solutions and health.

We provide confidential services. We work for our clients and respect the importance of confidentiality. 

When you need additional services, we will guide you through the complexities of correcting problems. We will be your consultant.

We work easily with others. Whether your medical provider, remediation contractor, HVAC or building professional, we work well with others to help solve your problems with reasonable fees.

As a standard business practice we keep up to date on exposures, risks, methodologies and procedures.

You'll have the advantage of personal, one-on-one attention, as well as   web and e-mail resources.

Let's get together to talk about your environmental concerns. Call(724 443 6653)  or send an e-mail to (,

If you're not ready to meet in person, please tour our website. I'm sure you'll find the resources here useful and helpful.

- EnviroSpect of Western PA