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Giving a Healthy Home That is Free of Mold as A Holiday Gift of Love

November 21st, 2016 10:22 PM by Dan Howard

            Just as parents, family and friends can help loved ones with all kinds of important challenges and problems, a significant portion of Sick Building Syndrome work is arranged for by caring family members rather than the residents of the sick or moldy building

            Picture the family with asthmatic children, or the senior that has pneumonia four times in a year. These and hundreds of other health issues are often the result of environmental problems that need corrected. We here at Green Home Solutions have found that caring relatives or friends can arrange for the needed assessment, testing and if appropriate remediation.

             Writing this blog post reminds me about what my dad did during winter weather. When all of the kids came over for dinner on Sundays, he would disappear for about 15 minutes. He would sneak outside with rags and a bucket of windshield washer liquid. He cleaned all of our windshields and headlights. Dad quietly came back in when he was done. We usually didn’t even know a thing about it until we went to our cars. Never, ever did we ever talk about it. The message was simple, and we all knew that he loved us. That is exactly the kind of heartfelt and meaningful gift I am suggesting here.    

            The Christmas season is the time of year we give the very best. Taking the time to notice what someone you love really needs is about as good as the joy of gift giving gets. I can clean my own windshield and lights, but do miss my dad being there and sneaking out to do it, just because he cared.
Posted by Dan Howard on November 21st, 2016 10:22 PM



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