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Understanding the "Pre Closing Walkthrough" Know your Rights !

March 4th, 2014 10:30 AM by Dan Howard

If you are unsure if the conditions of the home have changed do not be afraid to ask. That is the purpose of the “Pre-Closing Walk Through.” Most sellers are careful and honorable, but a few are not.   


Be wary if repairs are not professionally done by a reputable company.  Over the years, we have found new defects caused by improper repairs. One common example is gas leaks. . Repairing one pipe can loosen the next fitting.   


If the seller calls their previously hired contractor asking about defects, there are contractors that would argue that there is nothing wrong to avoid embarrassment or to pacify a seller that demands repairs at no cost.  


Question work orders or contractor slips  that say "inspected" rather than "repaired" or "repair  not done because not unnecessary." Another common trick is that they checked an item and "did not see any problem". We have seen many cases where they must not have opened their eyes to see the defect.


Make sure that the repair person states that the item is properly operating and compliant with manufacturer directions and code requirements. Have potentially unsafe or potentially expensive repairs checked by another professional if you are concerned that repairs are not properly completed. 


Final Words of Advice

Call and ask your home inspector to ask any questions you have about repairs.


Ask if there have been any changes to the questions on the disclosure. Obtain assurances in writing The faintest of ink is stronger than the strongest of words.  


Request information about contractors that have completed previous work in the home. Sometimes this will help you to find the best person future jobs. Other times it will tell you the company to never let set foot in that home again


Consider how important a problem discovered at the walk through really is.  If it is a minor item, it may be an irritation, but not worth the stress of conflict or risking the sale. You are not buying the sellers or their integrity, You are buying their house and some battles are not worth the fight.


Do not despair even if there is a major problem. There are not many problems that money can't fix. Last minute repairs, escrow of money of hold back agreements are some of the tools available.  Your Realtor, closing officer and mortgage professional are a team that can help get things back on track.  



For a downloadable list to take to the "Pre Closing Walk Through" or for additional information about go to: www.envirospect.info/PreClosingWalkThrough

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Posted by Dan Howard on March 4th, 2014 10:30 AM



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