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Where to Start When You Suspect an Environmental Health Issue

November 15th, 2014 8:45 AM by Dan Howard


   The first step is to start a diary for the sick person. Remember that we react in time delay. We also often react to a combination of issues.  If the furnace is a problem, we will only get sick after it has run for a long time. The clue in that instance is that the problem raises its ugly head in cold snaps. If the problem is really an automobile, problems will occur after longer car trips. If a major part of a problem is the workplace, you will be sicker after work and feel better your second day of time away for the workplace. If you want a personal example, it took a while for me to understand that when I had a beverage or food with Aspartame as an ingredient, I would have nightmares and other physical reactions. 

            Keep track of places, meals, the weather and how the person that is experiencing the health issues feels. 

Also provide background health issues to help your environmental professional to gather information that may help your medical provider to determine if the exposures are health risks for their patient.  That diary provides an environmental investigator and medical provider a great place to start the search for avoiding health risks.    

In general, if something smells, taste, feels bad, it is not healthy for us. When we feel ill, it is our warning to do something different to avoid becoming unhealthier.  However to avoid environmental problems we need to identify them first. If you or someone in your home feels yucky, do something about it.    

You will find links and information in the online copy of this article at: www.Envirospect.info/EnvironmentalHazards

Posted by Dan Howard on November 15th, 2014 8:45 AM



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