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Getting Ready for Hurricane Harvey .....Look Around to Help Someone

August 25th, 2017 2:42 PM by Dan Howard

Take a look around to see if there are people stuck in harm's way because their health or resources do not allow them to leave. It is hard for us to to "see" or "know"  these people because they are stuck in their homes hampered by sickness or age. They are often ashamed or unable to ask for help.  They may be too proud to ask for the help they need.

Please find them and try to help the forgotten people who can not get themselves to safety.  

The year that Florida had three hurricanes my parents-in-law were in Florida. That was also the year that Alzheimer's had affected them both to the point that they were not the people they had been (they were vibrant intelligent, outgoing individuals before Alzheimer's)  .....They were not yet willing to let us move them up north again to be near us...and PA is far from Florida.   

You (me in that instance) can not fly into pending disaster areas on short notice.....but in all three hurricane evacuation instances, good people helped evacuate these people.  By the way, my in-laws were the ones who helped others when they were able. 

People die when these events are not taken seriously.
On the other hand......for those that just ignore good warnings because the warnings do not apply to them, I wish you well but do not want others to lose their life trying to save you when you are in trouble  

Hurricane Harvey: Prepare and Plan Ahead

As Hurricane Harvey intensifies, it's important to plan ahead and follow evacuation orders from local officials. Below are resources with more information on how to prepare:
- Hurricanes.gov
- Ready.gov
- FEMA.gov

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Posted by Dan Howard on August 25th, 2017 2:42 PM



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