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I came across this radon installation while doing a mold assessment. I asked the homeowner if they ever had the home tested after it was installed. I mentioned that I would be surprised of the radon level was not elevated by this system.  That got a: “Funny you should ask” response. She went on: “Yes, it did go up, but the installer did not understand why”

Let me count the ways that this installation is wrong:

  • The radon fan is in the house as opposed to outside the home
  • The pipes and fittings are different size diameters
  • There is loose duct tape connecting the pipes
  • The indicator showing operation of the system is missing
  • The result is that more radon is being “blown” into the home than was entering the home before the installation of the radon system
  • Just for good measure: The electrical wire is pinched by the cap on the wiring connector box instead of being clamped in the opening designed for wiring to enter.   

 By the way, PA is a radon license state. Surprise: the installer did not have a license (or any common sense)  

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Posted by Dan Howard on April 17th, 2017 10:26 PM



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