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Why We Often Find Termites and Mold Together

May 19th, 2017 10:49 AM by Dan Howard

The door in the picture is the entry door of a building having a mold assessment. SURPRISE! Termites inside the metal door. Yes, the door has metal on the outside, but these doors have wood between the metal faces to allow for installation of hinges and locks using
 carpenter tools for wood.


Termites and other wood destroying insects occupy the same place in the eco-system or "universal plan" as does mold. They recycle dead wood and turn it into top soil so that new plants and trees can grow.


It’s not that one causes the other. Think of it as they have the same needs to survive and thrive. As an example, we find both desert plants and animals in the same place.

In a damp location with wood fiber, we can find both mold and termites. Now I am not trying to be "Little Miss Mary Sunshine" here........there is a point to this observation.


When you have had a termite or other wood destroying insect infestation that requires damp wood, you should have the building also checked for mold. That advice goes the other way too. If you have mold, be on the look-out for wood destroying insects. The earlier you find either a mold or wood destroying insect infestation the less damage and expense will occur.


By the way, the door in the picture is hanging and swinging on only the top hinge. When I opened the door, the termites were scurrying to get out of the exposed air and light. 


This was an Interesting observation of nature at work. .........and as a science experiment, This wasn’t as delightful as a science experiment for the building owner.

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Posted by Dan Howard on May 19th, 2017 10:49 AM



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