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Deciding To Work With a Realtor.......... or Not

October 18th, 2014 12:32 PM by Dan Howard

    The first big choice in buying and selling ahome is to decide if you are working with a Realtor.  “For Sale by Owner or FSBO transactions are more and more common than ever. With a FSBO, the internet has made marketing a house much easier. However you’re stuck with dealing with buyers and navigating the issues by yourself.   

    A Realtor’s job is to be counselor, therapist, interpreter, facilitator and messenger. Most of the items in the “to do” list above can be facilitated by a professional Realtor. Please take a very serious word of advice. Do not call a Realtor because their name is on a sign of a home you like. Make sure that the Realtor that you select is a good match for you.

    The sales commission can be a good value. Proper handling of the sale can increase the chance of a sale closing.  Commission fees include advertising, the time to show a home, preparing the paperwork, answering questions, and dealing with the other side of the transaction.  

    If you are on the edge of deciding whether to list a home of sale or try the FSBO pathway, there is another option. That’s a “Transactional Agent”.  In this option, a Realtor is hired to provide a part of the services as needed for a fee. Some Real Estate Attorneys also offer this service.   

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Posted by Dan Howard on October 18th, 2014 12:32 PM



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