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The New Technology for High Risk Patients or Serious Illnesses

                “Touchless Disinfection” is the new “hospital grade” answer to serious disease contagions. This name is not descriptive, so please let me describe the process. 

                Before this process is started, all of the touchpoints should be disinfected as a pre-treatment to extend the time that the treatment is effective.


                   A specialized fine mist spray equipment device is placed in each sealed room. The ultra-fine mist of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate penetrates into cracks and crevices of the room and effectively kills the biological contaminants.

                  The advantage of this process is that it gets all of the surfaces. By comparison, human workers are usually not that effective. The room must remain sealed and can’t be entered until the end of the cycle when the peroxide product breaks down into harmless components.

                     Though originally designed and predominantly used in medical facilities, the health of a patient at home is as important as it is in a hospital room. Equipment to perform the treatment can be purchased, or the work can be done by trained professionals as a service. This is a new service and not available in all areas.

For links and additional information about disease control and disinfection, go to: www.PittsburghMoldTesting.com/diseasecontrol

Posted by Dan Howard on August 1st, 2016 10:07 AM



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