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There are two real estate markets.  One is the market where people want a “fixer upper.” Think what happens on HGTV. What a buyer is saying when they want a “fixer upper” is that they want to purchase a home so far below market price that they can spend of ton of money and still make a profit when they sell. Sometimes it is general condition that makes a home a “fixer upper”, other times it is decorating that belongs squarely in the 1980’s or so.       

The other real estate market is the “ready to move in to” home. That is a home that has been updated and properly repaired. People will spend more money on these homes. Look at your home through HGTV eyes, not your own. If you want top money for your home, fix the big defects and drag the appearance of the home from the 1980’s to today.


Your decision is to pick which market direction you want to go as either a buyer or seller.

Posted by Dan Howard on August 26th, 2016 4:51 PM



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