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Reasons Why People Wait to Call About Mold Problems

September 10th, 2016 1:40 PM by Dan Howard

                First, let me tell you right up front. I do not change the oil in our cars often enough. Heck, I do not check the oil levels when I should.  And my teeth?  I hate to go to the dentist.

                The reason I tell you this is that I admit there are things I do not do when I should.  I remember those things when I am called in to a home where the mold could have been taken care of before someone got sick. Every mold professional has put off something other than mold until their little problem has become a big problem. A client should not be embarrassed to call the mold specialist when a problem has gotten bad. Everyone has “been there and done that” in some part of their life.

          These are some of the most common reasons that there are delays in seeking professional help.

  • Just as we do not see our hair grow, we do not see mold growth as a process and do not know the right time to get worried.


  • We do not want the embarrassment of calling someone in for a mold problem.


  • We often go to so many places during the normal day, that we don’t realize that our home is making us ill.


  • One person is ill, but others are not, so we dismiss the house as a source.


  • The budget is tight and calling a professional can be an expense.

               The truth is, just like I wait too long between oil changes, delays do happen. Mold professionals know that, understand that, and we will do everything we can to get you back in shape with a healthy home. You can be assured of our providing a judgement free zone. 

                The professionals at Envirospect and other TestAll Certified environmental testlng companies believe that consumers deserve answers and explanations in plain English. Confusion and high pressure hocus pocus explanations are not good business practices and not what you will receive when working with us.

Posted by Dan Howard on September 10th, 2016 1:40 PM



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