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Some Individuals Can Not Recover from Lyme Disease or CIRS

These diseases are the sum total of the factors in a personal health and exposure history. It is not easy to reverse the cumulative health events that get people ill. It can be as difficult to identify and correct the contaminants that prevent patient recovery as diagnosing the disease. Once again, this whole thing is complicated.  

Professionals to Identify Building Conditions that Make People Ill

Mold and the biotoxins common to a building that has moisture issues is the most logical place to start. This process is more in depth than simple mold testing. It is like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) for buildings. Hidden moisture is only one of many possible health robbing culprits. 

There are products, materials, building practices and dozens of factors that can create exposure hazards for sensitive individuals. Hazards can be as simple as improperly installed plumbing, heating systems, or using the wrong kind of cleaning products in a building. In one recent case, the use of the wrong type of furniture stain on refinished flooring resulted in a toxic soup of VOCs in a home that was so intense that the results were higher than the chart used by the testing lab. Overuse of a toxic chemical by a remediator was a problem rendering another home uninhabitable.

Simply put, when someone is ill in a building, it takes more than considering mold exposure. Professionals with that level of training are rare and often difficult to find. If you are looking for these types of individuals, explore websites for individuals that have more information than mold testing and deal with sick building syndrome from the building science perspective.  

Finding the Medical Professional to Treat Chronic Diseases Including Lyme

The practice of medicine is rapidly changing. Traditionally, the reversal of symptoms was the goal of practitioners. As an example, if you had a headache, they would suggest that you take something for the headache pain. 

There are now medical practitioners who explore the source of the headache and work to resolve the cause of the headache. These are referred to as Functional Medical Professionals, or Holistic Practitioners. The approach of combining conventional and alternative medicine is referred to as Integrative Medicine

In addition to the use of both new and old treatments to correct the causes of medical problems, these practitioners have new research and information to help them recognize previously undiagnosed conditions.  It is not unusual for new patients of Functional Medical practitioners previously had frustrating years of suffering and ineffective treatment. In many cases, prior medical providers had blamed psychological causes for undiagnosed health problems like Lyme Disease. 

Many new tests have been developed to determine the exposures that a Multiple Chemical Sensitive individual is experiencing. Many of those tests are available through nationally recognized labs such as Quest or Lab Corp. 

There are also treatments that help remove the toxins that have built up in the bodies of individuals suffering for these diseases and syndromes. Web searches will help to identify the medical practitioners that specialize in this approach.  

Finding Professionals to Remediate Buildings

Imagine paying to have a contaminant removed from a home or other building, and having the building be more toxic. It happens more often that you would guess. 

Many remediators don’t understand the importance of protecting the building and residents from additional exposures. There are principles of containment, negative air and air scrubbing that should be followed. They should always provide samples of chemicals and products before they are used in a sensitive person’s building.

The Road to Recovery

If you know someone that is chronically ill, it could be Lyme Disease or any one of many other environmentally affected diseases. Individuals with chronic and acute diseases, chemotherapy patients, transplant patients, respiratory patients, and many other individuals need to identify and remove toxins from the home for an opportunity for the best possible quality of life and recovery. 

The best course is to find medical and environmental professionals that go beyond treating the symptoms and looking for underlying causes.

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Posted by Dan Howard on July 9th, 2018 5:39 PM



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