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Across the years, I have mentioned this forgotten episode of a familiar series. This episode was the opening program of this series final season. It features a family that was left after the father died from mold contamination in the home they bought as a “fixer upper.”  


                He was working on the house 1886 farmhouse.  While working on the house, the mold was disturbed. He died with his wife watching and trying to save him that night.


How did this happen? Think about the dandelion that has turned from yellow to white.  When you tear out moldy materials, the mold goes into the area and into the lungs of unprotected workers.


                Now you ask:  What does that mean to you?  The bottom line is that it requires training and proper equipment to work on mold. Whether it is a do-it-your-selfer or contractor, demolition of mold (or lead, or asbestos or a host of other environmental toxins) contaminated areas can expose workers and residents to highly elevated toxins.


                Containment, negative air, air scrubbing and personal protection are critical to demolition of contaminated materials. PERIOD! END OF STORY!   …………or workers or other residents and occupants of a building can be made ill.

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Posted by Dan Howard on February 20th, 2017 8:28 PM



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