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The Story of Talking With Cody The Mold Dog

May 12th, 2017 3:10 PM by Dan Howard

Nah, I am serious. There are mold dogs in many part of the country. In fact, “Cody, The Mold Dog” was quite the competition for mold professionals in the Pittsburgh PA market, at least it seemed at first consideration. Let me start with a little background and then my personal story of competing with “Cody, The Mold Dog”. 

Background Story on Mold Dogs and Mold Dog College

Mold dogs are specifically trained to detect up to 18 types of mold. This should not surprise you.  We have dogs to search for drugs, bombs money, weapons, accelerants, and termites. Makes sense that dogs can be trained to detect mold too.  According to the website http://www.mold-dog.com/about_us_detail.htm, hunting type dogs are best suited for this use. That would include Labs, Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, Aussies, Beagles and combinations of these breeds. 

“Buddy the Sheltie” Would Not go to Doggy Mold College

Sadly, our dog, Buddy the Sheltie (Border Collie), never expressed the desire to be a mold dog and join me in the environmental profession. But then again, neither did any of our 6 children. It’s not for a lack of effort on my part. I did mention to Buddy the Sheltie that he was a breed that was well suited to being a mold dog, but that suggestion fell on deaf ears. The training for mold dogs is rigorous and a little mean, and Buddy is a lover, not a workaholic or gluten for punishment.    

Pictured Above----"Buddy the Sheltie" with his friend Noah instead of attending Mold Dog College

“Cody The Mold Dog” Got His Degree and Went into the Mold Business

Let’s get back to my personal story about “Cody, the Mold Dog”. I am sure you have had an occasion that during dealing with someone, you have gotten to a point where they sheepishly admit to having dealt with someone else other than you. That would be “kind a, sort a” like explaining to your friend from grade school why you are trading in a Chevy to purchase a Subaru from them, after calling upon them to give you a good deal because you go way back together. (AWKWARD)

Picture this: I am working with a client with some serious health issues.

As is the practice with good environmental professionals, I explain the test results, why the mold is present and what needs to happen to make sure the mold goes away and does not come back again. All important information for the long-term health of the client and their family. They had serious health problems, and I had his full attention.

Then came the sheepish admission by the client that is the root of this story

Client: “Ummm, ahhhh, I need to admit, I had “Cody, The Mold Dog” here before I called you.     

Me: “OK, how did that work out, I have not personally met Cody”

Client: “Well, I’m very glad I called you. Cody charged me more than you did, and he didn’t talk to me.”

Moral of the Story

                Detecting mold is not enough! The how, why, what, and pathway to a resolution are all important.  Remediators who view their job and telling a client: “Yep, ya got mold and for $xxx. xx I will make it go away” are the real competitors to “Cody the Mold Dog”, not competitors to the quality of mold professionals you need to have a healthy home.

Another Morsel of Wisdom in This Story

By the way, in the long run, the “Cody the Mold Dog” type of remediators may even cost you more than the real professionals. That is especially true when the mold comes back and you need face the health risks of mold exposure and then pay to have the job done again.

Call me, Dan Howard of Envirospect at 724 443 6653 for and assessment and testing if you suspect you have a building that is making you sick. For more information and many free articles relating to a Healthy Home, go to:  www.envirpsect.info  or follow on Twitter @DanHoward251

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Posted by Dan Howard on May 12th, 2017 3:10 PM



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