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Your Pre Closing Walk Through Inspection List

March 4th, 2014 10:31 AM by Dan Howard

UNDERSTAND ONE THING: YOU DO NOT OWN THE PROBLEMS IN THE HOME UNTIL THE MOMENT OF CLOSING With that in mind, be diligent and aware during the walk through. The last couple of months, the seller has the perspective and advantage of knowing that soon the problems of this house will be behind them.


Your Pre Closing Walk Through Inspection List

1.  Determine if repairs that were noted in the inspection or occupancy reports and requested from the seller are completed. Obtain and review available receipts and work orders prior to the walk through.


2.  Look for any active or new signs of roof, foundation or plumbing leaks.


3.  Check all appliances to determine if they are in working order.


4.  Run water in sink drains, check for hot water, flush toilets, and check under sinks.


5.  Run the air conditioning and heating systems. Check air flow and temperature in all rooms.


6.  Observe the areas and items that were covered or inaccessible during the inspection due to limited access, furniture and finishes.


7.  Check intercoms, burglar alarms, lawn sprinklers, timers, and smoke detectors.


8.  Check windows, doors, screens, and screened enclosures.


9. Look for evidence of sewer backups. Check for stains and lift the cover of floor drains to check for paper or waste under those lids


10. Use your senses.  Almost everything that does not smell, feel or look good is not good for you or your pocketbook


11. Review the occupancy inspection and completed work. As one example of potential problems, removing the downspouts from the existing drains could cause foundation leaks.  


BE CAREFUL:  Never tamper with things you do not understand - especially electrical and mechanical items. A pre-settlement walk through is very important even though you have had a professional inspection. "REMEMBER" things can and do change between the time you sign the contract and the time of possession.

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Posted by Dan Howard on March 4th, 2014 10:31 AM



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