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Fake Testing

         Yep, you will be surprised that “fake testing” is done by firms whose names you may recognize. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) or Luminometer testing is a favorite “sales technique” of some small and some very high profile remediation  . There are also some home inspectors who utilize the same misleading practice. In some instances, this may stay on the side of legality because they accurately tell you what it does. The deception is that the consumer is permitted to infer that it is also a “mold screening.” All mold will have a positive ATP reading. ALL POSITIVE ATP READINGS ARE NOT MOLD!  

Here is What These ATP Testing Scoundrels Tell You

        “The ATP Detection System, is the latest technology to detect and monitor harmful, microscopic organisms. ATP detection technology is used throughout the food and beverage industries, health care and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets and other facilities where rapid detection of contamination is critical.” This was a quote taken from the Batronix.com website on 7-22-16.

What the ATP Testing Companies Do Not Tell You

        ATP testing does not distinguish between pollen, skin cells, bacteria, mucus from a sneeze or any other organic material and mold.  If they get a positive reading, it could be a million things other than mold. One slick company that offers the “free mold screening” now also offers mold testing in the fine print and at an additional cost.  They know that with the expectation of a “free” mold test, the client will not likely opt to spend more money after being told that they “need” mold remediation as a result of the ATP test. 

Link to the ATP Testing equipment company describing what this device is intended for and is capable of preforming:

Click here to Link to Hygiena.com to verify information on this test

Posted by Dan Howard on July 30th, 2016 7:32 PM



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