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There is both Zika and Disappointment as the Pirate and Marlin Baseball Game in Puerto Rico is moved to Florida.

             The discussion started a couple months ago as the Zika virus made its way into Puerto Rico. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins were scheduled to play a two game series there on May 30 and 31. What made this game very special was that it was to honor deceased Pittsburgh Pirate hero and hall of fame recipient Roberto Clemente.

            The final decision has been made, the game will be moved to the Marlin's Stadium as of 4:30 PM today.

             Birth defects are forever and it was a serious discussion weighing down on the players.

                For this and any outdoor celebration, treatment of the area is one way to help protect people from Zika.  It is the same for outdoor weddings, graduation parties, picnics or baseball games.

          Mosquito Terminators CEO and Pirate fan John Russell to be out spraying the area as a pre-event spray program.  John quipped, “The game is like any other pre-event protective spray program we do…..the mosquito threat in the Marlin stadium should be treated just as it would have been in Puerto Rico. Hey, a graduation party or wedding is even more important than baseball to our customers.” 

Posted by Dan Howard on May 6th, 2016 8:53 PM



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