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What to Do If You Already Have the Problems Caused by Open French Drain System

September 20th, 2014 8:49 PM by Dan Howard

All is not lost, even If you are one of the countless thousands with one of these systems already installed and shaking your head singing a chorus of "A fine time to tell me Lucille."

            Find an independent engineer, contractor or property inspector that understands the systems and solutions to the problems created by a french drain system.  Mold, radon, moisture, odor and structural damage are all potential problems that may need resolved.  Adding the features of a sealed system can resolve many of the sources of the problems. Additional advice may be needed to resolve the consequences of the original system such as mold and structure defects. 

            There are new systems that the better contractors now use that are "sealed" systems.  What that means is the perimeter of the system is sealed at the lid and walls so that moisture, mold and radon do not vent into the basement. Sealed systems also avoid the issue of combustion gases from hot water tanks, furnaces and gas dryers back venting into the home.  You will find links and information about those improved systems in the online copy of this article at: www.Envirospect.info/frenchdrain

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Posted by Dan Howard on September 20th, 2014 8:49 PM



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